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161 Recce Association Membership

The 161 Reconnaissance Association comprises Branches and a National Administrative Body (NAB). Branches may be formed wherever a number of persons, eligible for membership, gather to pursue the aim and objectives of the Association.

  Aim and Objectives.

The aim of the Association shall be to provide a regular point of contact, professional and social, for its members.

In the pursuit of this aim the Association shall have the following objectives:

1.    To organise and advertise widely a programme of activities, thus advancing the aim of the Association by creating and maintaining high levels of comradeship among the membership.

2.    To provide assistance and welfare for members and their dependants in need.

3.    To circulate widely among members details of the Association, rules for membership and any calendar of events.

4.    To arrange appropriate representation at Vietnam and ANZAC Day Services and like functions including funeral and memorial services for deceased members.


The Association comprises four categories of member: Ordinary, Associate, Life and Honorary members.

  Ordinary Members.

1.    Any person who served in 161 Reconnaissance Flight or 161 (Independent) Reconnaissance Flight in South Vietnam.  

2.    All current and former members of 161 Reconnaissance Squadron.

3.    Ordinary members are required to pay an annual prescribed fee.

  Associate Members.

1.    The immediate family of a member (including De Facto), dependents and descendants.

2.    Any person who is serving in, or who has served in, the armed forces of Australia, or a friendly Allied country, in any unit whose role is, or may have been, similar to that of 161 Recce Flt.

3.    Associate members are required to pay annual prescribed fee.

  Life Members.

1.    This category is reserved for members who have given the Association outstanding and dedicated service over a long period of time.

2.    Nomination for this category should originate at Branch level. Such membership should be considered and approved by ALL Branches. It is preferred that Life Membership be bestowed at an important Association function and that ALL members be advised of each such appointment.

3.    Life Members, who shall pay no fees,  will have full voting rights when presented at meetings of the Association.

4.    Life Members of the 161 Association are:

       a.    Max Sward - appointed July 1990 at Possum 25. 

       b.    Len Avery - appointed October 1995 at Possum 30.

       c.    Frank Benfield - appointed August 2005 at Possum 40.

  Honorary Members.

1.    The Association may appoint to Honorary Membership, and for a specified period, any person who is deemed worthy of such distinction.

2.    This appointment will be made at Branch level.

3.    Honorary Members shall pay no fees, nor shall they have a vote at meetings of the Association.

  Register of Members.

1.    The National Administrative Body shall maintain a Register of Members. This will include names and addresses, financial status, and category of membership.

2.    Branches are required to provide the National Administrative Body with an annual return of members. This return shall indicate the category of membership, financial status and name and address.

  Annual Membership Subscription.

1.     Annual membership subscription fees shall be decided by a simple majority at Branch Annual General Meetings. Fees shall fall due on 01 January each year.

2.    Life and Honorary Members shall not be required to pay an annual subscription to the Association.

3.    Branches may exercise discretion in determining the collection of a member's fees.

4.    Non-financial members may not receive notices of meetings, may not vote at such meetings, nor nominate members for election to the National Administrative Body nor Branch Committees.


The Association shall consist of Branches and a National Administrative Body (NAB).

1.    Each Branch will consist of a Management Committee, elected at an Annual General Meeting, and comprising a President, Secretary and Treasurer as required by individual Branches.

2.    The NAB should consist of at least two members, an administrator and a secretary/treasurer. The NAB reports to Branch members via Branch Committees. The NAB exists to administer national financial affairs, maintain the national membership register and coordinate matters of national impact as necessary. The NAB will take directions from Branches via Branch Committees.

3.    The national financial account will be made up of capitation funds paid by the Branches. Capitation is set at 20% per member per annum.

  161 Recce Association Branches.

Branches of the 161 Recce Association are located in the following areas:

Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - West Australia - Brisbane - Townsville - Tasmania - Canberra - Toowoomba.

If you would like to make contact with the Executive of any of the 161 Branches or the Secretary of the NAB, regarding membership of the 161 Recce Association, please contact Len Avery . (See below for Branch contact details).

  Membership Form.

Please complete the membership form and send it to your State Branch of the 161 Recce Association.

Note: You may also join the 161 Recce Association through the National Administrative Body (NAB).

Membership Fees are due as of 01 January. Please contact your nearest Branch regarding Membership Fees. If you don’t have access to a Branch you can pay your membership through the NAB. 

Membership Fees through the NAB are $10.00 per year or you can pay in advance, eg. $100 for 10 years.  

If you have any questions regarding membership of the 161 Recce Association please contact your nearest Branch representative or contact Len Avery - Ph: 07 5445 7275.  




 The following members are points of contact for your Association:  

161 Recce Assoc - NAB Chairman         

John Custance
87/33-67 Edmund Rice Drive
Southport. QLD 4215
Ph: (07) 5527 9376 or 0438 940 574  

161 Recce Assoc - NAB Secretary/Treasurer

Len Avery

PO Box 484
Mapleton QLD 4560
Ph: 0409 334 884

West Australian Branch

Derek Downing
234 Sultana Road East
Forrestfield WA 6058
Ph: 08 9359 1848

Darling Downs Branch 

Mick Nilon
17 Mamooka Crescent
Highfields QLD 4352
Ph: 0428 944 366

Sydney Branch  

John Marsden
Unit 14, 127-133 Point St

Pyrmont NSW 2009
Ph: 0415 522 161

Victorian Branch

Ken Murton
97 Bayswater Rd
Kensington, VIC 3031
Ph: 0417 305 140

South Australian Branch

John Machell
2A Martindale Avenue
Toorak Gardens SA 5056
Ph: 08 8331 9532 or 0427 162 161

Brisbane Branch

Dave Shearer
50 Verney Road West
Graceville QLD 4075
Ph: 0420 406 788

Townsville Branch

Alan Meiklejohn
9 Grasmere Court
Kirwan QLD 4817
Ph: 07 4773 1519

Canberra Branch

Laz Csibi
9 Stuart Street
Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Ph: 0409 979 108

Tasmanian Branch

Nigel Hamilton-Smith
PO Box 14
Oatlands TAS 7120
Ph: 03 6254 0004


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