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Peter Mervyn Robinson MBE

161 (Indep) Recce Flt 03 Feb 67 - 25 Dec 67

  Captain Peter Mervyn Robinson was commissioned in the Australian Regular Army on 2 April 1959 and since 3 March 1967 has served with 161st (Independent) Reconnaissance Flight as the Flight Engineer.

On his arrival, 161st (Independent) Reconnaissance Flight was preparing to move from its location at Vung Tau airfield to Luscombe Field, Nui Dat. Captain Robinson, as the first Engineering Officer posted to the Flight, was confronted with the move of the Flight as well as maintaining the serviceability of the unit aircraft which were supporting Operation Portsea. In addition, the absence of half of his technical senior non-commissioned officers greatly increased the workload of Captain Robinson as he also carried out their duties. Under his supervision the move to Nui Dat was efficiently carried out and the serviceability of the unit aircraft was increased, allowing the aircraft to fly 881 hours during the month of March.

Once at Nui Dat a further reduction of his technical non-commissioned officers for a period of one month again increased the workload of Captain Robinson. In addition he had the problem of organising and building the workshop facilities.

By his insistence on the highest engineering standards and close supervision of all technical work on aircraft he has maintained the availability of aircraft between 90 and 96 percent over the past ten months. His high standards are further reflected in the aircraft safety record with only three technical defects in over 8,000 flying hours. His workshop has always been able to respond to demands for support and his technical advice has been consistently sound and always given in sufficient time to maintain the operational efficiency of his unit.

By his skill, determined leadership and willingness to work extremely long hours he has supervised the building of suitable workshop facilities, aircraft protection bays and stores facilities and has increased the serviceability rate of the unit aircraft, thereby allowing them to fly an average 825 hours per month during the period March to November 1967.

* Text of citation has been copied from the book "Vietnam Veterans Honours & Awards Army"      

 by Alexander M. Palmer.

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